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Trailers, 5th Wheels, Campers, Pop-Ups, Horse Trailers with Living Quarters

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Exclusionary Coverage for your entire RV

  • Month-to-month coverage and payments that don’t ever change*
  • Fully backed by an “A” rated Insurance Company
  • Turn coverage on and off at your will**
  • On-site repairs  at campgrounds and RV parks, or whereever you RV***
  • No large upfront commitment

*your monthly fee will remain the same for as long as you keep your contract active, the fee may change if you stop paying or cancel your contract

**you may stop and start at your convenience but your monthly fee may change each time you restart and you will have to pay a “start-up” fee each time you restart your coverage

***when repairs are possible on-site, we will complete the repairs at your location of choice



This product is not available in Alaska, California, Florida, Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin, or Wyoming.


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1. WATER HEATER COMPONENTS: Burner Assembly, Tank, Thermostat, Thermocouple, Gas Valve, Electronic Ignition Assembly, and Printed Circuit Boards.

2. WASTE SYSTEM COMPONENTS: Shower, Toilet (Except Electrical Toilets), Sinks, Holding Tanks, Gate Valves, and Connections.

3. FRESH WATER SYSTEM COMPONENTS: Water Pump, Compressor, Water Tanks, Water Lines, Traps, Fittings, and Faucets.

4. CENTRAL/ROOF C. COMPONENTS (Central Air or Roof Mounted 110V): Compressor, Evaporator, Capacitors, Relays, Thermostat, Condenser, and Fans.

5. RANGE AND OVEN COMPONENTS: Burner Assembly, Thermostat, Thermocouple, Burner Valve, Microwave Oven, Power Hood, and Printed Circuit Board

6. L.P. GAS SYSTEM COMPONENTS: Regulators, Gas Bottles (Except Valves and Gauges), Mounting Brackets, Pigtails, and L.P. Lines and Fitting

7. HEATING SYSTEM COMPONENTS: Furnace, Igniter, Burner Assembly, Thermocouple, Gas Valve, Thermostat, Blower Motor, and Printed Circuit Board

8. REFRIGERATOR COMPONENTS: Thermostat, Thermocouple, Cooling Unit Compressor and Evaporator, Condenser, Fans, Burner Assembly, Igniter, and Printed Circuit Board

9. AUXILIARY POWERPLANT/GENERATOR COMPONENTS: All internal, Lubricated Parts of the Powerplant Engine; Starter; Switches; Generator Assembly; Head; Power Converter; Printed Circuit Boards; Inverter; Voltage Regulator; and Gauges, Solar Power Components.

10. LIFT CRANK SYSTEM COMPONENTS: Crank Handle, Winch, Corner Lifters, Cables, and Wind Brace

11. SLIDE OUT COMPONENTS: All of the Mechanical, Electrical, and Hydraulic Components of the Slide-Out Room(s) and Raised Roof Extension System.

12. LEVELING SYSTEM COMPONENTS: All Mechanical, Hydraulic, and Electrical Components of the Leveling System.

13. PREFERRED COMPONENT PACKAGE: Electrical Outlets (excludes wiring); Factory Installed Television (maximum of 2, not to exceed 42”); Factory Installed VCR, VCP, and DVD Players; Factory Installed AM/FM/Radio/Cassette/CD Players (not to exceed $3000 aggregate repair or replacement cost); Alarm Sensors; Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Detectors; and Mechanical Awnings. Central Vacuum, Fireplace, up to 4 TVs, TV(s) up to 60”, Full-Size Appliances, Garbage Disposal, Upgraded Lighting (e.g. Track Lights),  Washer/Dryer, Dishwasher,  Electric/Power Awnings Motor and Switch, Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/USB Ports, Factory Installed Navigation Systems, Roof TV Antenna and Head, Antenna  Motors,  Manual  or  Automated Rotators, Heads-Up Display, Satellite Radio, Satellite System, Factory Installed Web TV, Factory Installed Rear Stereo System (Speakers  Excluded),  Factory  Installed External Entertainment System (Speakers Excluded), and Factory Installed Wireless Modem.

14. SEALS AND GASKETS: Seals and Gaskets coverage applies to all of the above listed Covered Components.

15. SUSPENSION COMPONENTS: Wheel Bearings, Coil and Leaf Springs, Spindle and Axle Shafts.

16. BRAKE SYSTEM COMPONENTS: Master Cylinder, Hydraulic or Electrical Brake Actuator, Wheel Cylinders, and Backing Plates


In addition to the items listed above, this Service Contract will cover necessary repairs to all of the mechanical and electrical parts of Your RV except for those items listed under “F. WHAT IS NOT COVERED.” HOUSE COVERAGE includes the items listed for coverage under the HOUSE COVERAGE, but does not include items or benefits listed under the remaining options or surcharges. 




Subject to the terms and conditions herein, if You selected and paid the INSTALLED AFTERMARKET ELECTRONICS option, this Contract will cover the following Aftermarket electronic items only if those items are both (a) installed on the RV and (b) listed under the level of coverage or optional coverage You selected on the first page of this Contract: TVs (size and quantity are contingent on the coverage and options You selected), Navigation Systems, AM/FM/Radio/Cassette/CD Players (not to exceed $3000 aggregate repair or replacement cost), DVD Players, Wireless Modem, Wireless Router, Back-Up Cameras, Satellite Dish, and Satellite Dish Receiver.


If You selected and paid the PERMANENT RESIDENCE surcharge, You may occupy Your RV as a Permanent Residence under this Contract.


In accordance with the coverage, surcharges, and optional coverage You selected on the front page of this Service Contract, any part not specifically listed under “C. WHAT IS COVERED” is not covered. In addition, this Service Contract does  not apply to the following:

1. Any repair that has not received prior authorization from the Administrator.    This exclusion does not apply to emergency repairs performed outside of the Administrator’s business hours.

2. The repair or replacement of any component that was not properly operating in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications at the time this Service Contract was sold (i.e. pre-existing conditions).

3. Any RV with a branded title (e.g. salvage, junk, rebuilt, total loss, flood, fire, or gray market).

4. Any RV that has been repurchased by or had its price renegotiated with the manufacturer.

5. Any RV that has had the manufacturer’s warranty revoked or voided. This exclusion does not apply if (a) the manufacturer’s warranty was voided because You are using Your RV as a Permanent Residence and (b) You selected and paid the PERMANENT RESIDENCE surcharge in conjunction with a Used term

6. The repair, modification, or replacement of any component that has not Failed, as defined by this Contract.

7. Damage due to the alteration, modification, or use of Your RV in a manner not recommended by the manufacturer, including the use of “non-stock” or modified parts.

8. Any Mechanical Breakdown covered by an insurance entity, the manufacturer’s warranty or recall, or that has a warranty or “repairer’s guarantee” through a repair facility. Additionally, if an insurance entity, the manufacturer, or repair facility notifies You that they will monetarily participate in a repair that has been authorized and paid by Us, then We will exercise Our right to recover the respective amount.

9. Any Failure caused by (a) normal wear and tear; (b) Your failure to provide the proper maintenance to the Failed part or parts; (c) overheating, regardless of the cause of overheating; (d) incorrect, contaminated or inadequate amounts of coolant, lubricants, or fluids; (e) accidental loss or damage, impact, collision or upset, falling missiles or objects, rust, corrosion, fire, theft, larceny, explosion, lightning, earthquake, wind storm, hail, water, salt, flood, freezing, environmental damage, malicious mischief, vandalism, riot, or civil commotion; or (f) CUSTOMER NEGLIGENCE OR MISUSE, INCLUDING THE OPERATION OF AN IMPAIRED RV.

10. Cosmetic damage or cosmetic related repairs (e.g. scratches, nicks, dents, or tears).

11. Body components or repairs related to the body of the RV (e.g. awning covers, bumpers, lenses, glass, sky lights, paint, convertible or vinyl tops, sheet metal, outside ornamentation, frame or structural body parts, air or water leaks, wind noise, weather strips, squeaks or rattles, trim, upholstery, carpet, or mats).

12. Electronic components that  are  neither  OEM  nor  installed  by  the  Factory.  This  exclusion  does  not  apply  to  the  following  items  when the  INSTALLED AFTERMARKET ELECTRONICS option was selected and paid on the Contract sale date.

13. The following, unless required in conjunction with a Covered Repair: upgrades, adjustments, alignments, oil, fluids, greases, lubricants, or refrigerant.

14. Maintenance services and parts described in the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule for Your NOTE: During the term of this Service Contract, it may become necessary to replace  filters,  adjust  belts,  clean  cooling  systems,  and maintain or replace  items  not specifically  covered  under this Service  Contract.  These aforementioned services and replacements are required because of normal wear and usage—they are Your responsibility. Costs for these services and parts are not covered by this Service Contract.

15. Any expenses associated with shop supplies, materials charges, hazardous waste charges, diagnosis time (where a Covered Mechanical Breakdown has not occurred), freight charges, or storage charges.

16. Any RV used for the following purposes: Permanent Residence when the PERMANENT RESIDENCE surcharge was not selected and paid; towing, unless the RV is equipped with a Factory installed or Factory authorized tow package.

17. Any of the following items: (a) batteries and battery cables; (b) tires, wheels/rims, and shock absorbers; (c) fasteners, nuts, bolts, clips, screws, washers; (d) fuses, circuit breakers, and bulbs; (e) speakers, game consoles, all touch screen and/or voice activated accessories including related display screens, voice recognition systems, and  remote control consoles; (f) brake linings, rotors, and drums; (g) drive belts, hoses, molded rubber, molding, and rubber-like items; and (h) cellular phones.

18. Any of the following repairs or replacements: (a) flooring, carpet, upholstery, bedding; (b) wood framing, carpentry, woodwork, millwork; (c) walls, ceilings, paint, wall coverings; (d) deficiencies in finishes, de-lamination or discoloration of any material; (e) tile or grouting; (f) doors, louvers, vents; (g) sheet metal, siding, trim; (h) roof or roofing materials; (i) weather-strips, caulking, sealants, adhesives; (j) windows, glass or glass treatments, glazing, shades or draperies; (k) cabinets, vanities, countertops, racks or shelves, hardware; (l) inside or outside ornamentation, bright metal or chrome; (m) hose washers, loose connections; and (n) filters.

Any of the following items: (a) engine components; (b) turbocharger/supercharger; (c) transmission components; (d) drive axle components; (e) steering components; (f) brake components; (g) chassis electrical components; (h) chassis air conditioner components; (i) front and rear suspension components; (j) fuel delivery components; (k) chassis cooling components; (l) chassis seals and gaskets; and (m) chassis entertainment components

19. Any losses resulting from delays, labor strikes, loss of time, inconvenience, or other causes beyond the control of the Administrator, Selling Company, or repair facility.

20. The repair or replacement of any Covered Component that has been damaged by a non-Covered Component or an improper repair.

21. Repairs or replacements made outside the United States and Canada or if the RV is registered outside the United States and Canada.


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